Does money grow on trees? It's an intriguing question looking at the Zomato IPO while businesses with tangible assets and profits struggle.

Man cannot live by the Internet alone: Capt GR Gopinath

(Captain G.R. Gopinath is a soldier, farmer and founder of Air Deccan. This piece first appeared in The Hindu’s July 22 edition.)

  • The just-concluded initial public offering (IPO) of Zomato, which has successfully raised about ₹9,000 crore at an astronomical valuation of ₹66,000 crore, makes one believe that money does grow on trees. More than 150 years ago, Leo Tolstoy, one of the greatest novelists and thinkers of the world, writing in his book, What Then Must We Do, wondered and asked: if everything of value and substance is produced in the rural areas, why then are the villages mired in poverty and cities awash in wealth? That question continues to befuddle us …

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