Space technology will get privatized

Isro to Branson: Space tech is getting privatised and India needs its own entrepreneur rocketeers – Aditya Ramanathan

(Aditya Ramanathan is Associate Fellow at Takshashila Institute. The article first appeared in the print edition of Times of India on July 11, 2021)


  • India is late to the task of creating an environment in which the commercial space industry can thrive. However, it has made impressive progress in recent times. Last year, the government announced the creation of a regulatory body, Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre or IN-SPACe. The next step is to create conditions that ease the path to technological innovations and business viability. Here, instead of offering subsidies or creating special economic zones, which can create perverse incentives, the government should consider options best suited to this nascent industry …

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