Art & Culture

Indian diaspora has always been connected to its art and culture, and this section chronicles the journeys of Global Indians who are making an impact in the world with their gift and talent. From singers to painters to dancers to actors to fashion designers to musicians to authors, the Indian artists are bringing forth the rich Indian heritage and culture through their amazing work, and making a mark on the global map with their genius. Come dive into the beautiful world of art and culture through the stories of Desis who are an inspiration in every possible way, and are paving a path for the future generations.

Art & Culture FAQs

  • What is art and culture?
  • What is the relationship between art and culture?
  • How does art represent culture?
  • Why is art and culture important?
  • Is art dependent on culture?
  • Why art is very important in life and society?
  • Why is art and culture important to education?
  • What is importance of culture?
  • How does art affect our lives?
  • What is the importance of arts and culture in the contemporary world?