Global Indian covers the movers and shakers in the start-up ecosystem. We feature key organizations in this segment across various verticals with the aim to inspire and empower the readers through the journeys of entrepreneurs who have not just established their businesses but also play a significant role in growth of the Indian economy.


We also feature entrepreneurs of the Indian diaspora who are making the country proud by setting up businesses in different corners of the world. Every start-up has an interesting journey to share. Global Indian weaves those exciting journeys in words so that both the highs and lows provide an avenue of learning and growth to the niche audience.

Start-ups FAQs

  • What to learn from start-ups?
  • What are the different types of start-ups?
  • Example of start-ups?
  • How to start a start-up?
  • What is difference between start-up and a company?
  • What are best start-up industries?
  • Why do start-ups fail?
  • How can start-ups avoid failing?
  • Why do start-ups succeed?
  • How can success of start-ups be predicted?