Unicorns in India have several advantages - they are still paying to build supply chain and delivery networks.

Watershed for unicorns in India as China tech crackdown spooks investors: Bloomberg

(Saritha Rai is Bloomberg’s India Technology Correspondent. This piece first appeared in Bloomberg.com’s July 26 edition.)

  • Last week marked a watershed for technology startups in India, as a record bout of fundraising shifted attention to the world’s second-most populous market, just as investors were becoming spooked by a crackdown on internet companies in China …
  • Unlike China, where online usage is much more developed, many of India’s 625 million internet users are just dipping their toes into the world of video streaming, social networking and e-commerce. Opportunities in online shopping are particularly attractive, as ecommerce accounts for less than 3% of retail transactions. Tech startups in India are still paying to build supply chain and delivery networks …

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