Why Indians are making a beeline for UAE’s Golden Visa

Written by: Our Bureau

(Our Bureau, June 5) The UAE is attracting top Indian investors, techies and students with its two-year-old Golden Visa program. Times of India (paywall) reports that Indians have been among the largest recipients of this visa category, which enables foreign nationals to conduct commercial activities without a national sponsor, gives investors 100% percent ownership of their business and allows inbound travel even when pandemic restricts apply. “The 10-year permanent residence scheme eases the need for doing paperwork every year and is very attractive for large groups. We are applying for the visa for the gold visas for many of our executives,” RP Group chairman Ravi Pillai, a recipient of the visa, told Times of India. The UAE gives preference to eight categories of expatriates: Investors, entrepreneurs, chief executives, scientists, doctors, PhD holders and outstanding students. Entry requirements vary — investors need to put 10 million dirhams in a fund or 5 million dirhams in real estate.

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