Abhinav Sinha: Exploring Sustainability at the University of Bath

Compiled by: Amrita Priya

Name: Abhinav Sinha | Institution: University of Bath | Course: MSc Sustainability and Management – (October 2023 – Oct 2024)

Key Highlights:

  • Early research should include universities, accommodation options, the country in general, visa and flight details.
  • Most of the universities hold online sessions to offer clarity about the course you intend to pursue. Make use of these sessions to build your understanding.
  • You can purchase things in the UK at almost the same price, so it’s better to buy them there than carrying everything from India.
  • It’s important to plan in advance if you want to work in the UK after graduation.
  • How to deal with the gloomy winters.

Abhinav worked at ITC Limited in India for two years before moving to the United Kingdom for his masters’. It was at ITC that he got introduced to the world of sustainability. Working on various technical projects triggered his interest and curiosity to learn more and get in-depth knowledge about the field. This is when he decided to pursue his masters with a focus on sustainability. “After months of research, I finally decided on the UK as the country and University of Bath as my university for pursuing my masters. I had offers from University of Glasgow and Cranfield University as well but the course offered at University of Bath resonated more with my interest and future aspirations,” he shared with Global Indian. Read about his experiences and observations as a student abroad:

Campus Life | Abhinav Gupta | Global Indian

Abhinav Sinha

What made you choose University of Bath for further studies?

University of Bath’s ranking is amongst the top 10 in the UK. The curriculum is aligned with the constantly changing and evolving sustainability domain and that is why after thorough research, I chose it over University of Glasgow and Cranfield University. Recently the university’s sustainability efforts have been rated among the world’s top 100. In the QS World Rankings: Sustainability 2024 it has climbed more than 220 places since last year, I am happy that I made the right decision.

How is the course proving helpful for your future career prospects?

The course offered by the School of Management at the University of Bath employs a unique blend of technical and managerial aspects which prepares students for the corporate world. I am getting equipped not just in technical knowledge related to sustainability but also getting a chance to upskill my managerial acumen. This would ultimately help me progress when I join the corporate world after completion of this course.

Campus Life | Abhinav Sinha | Global Indian

Abhinav with MSc Sustainability and Management student consulting project team

Did you face any challenges in finding accommodation?

Finding accommodation was a smooth process thanks to the university’s wide array of online housing options. These include both university-managed and privately managed properties, that can be conveniently booked through a dedicated portal.

Did you face any challenges while settling into a new place?

I had been researching quite a lot about life in the UK for about a year before moving to the country. Once here, I quickly made friends which helped me with settling-in. The university had initiated a bonhomie amongst students of my batch by making some WhatsApp groups. This helped me in connecting with batchmates even before moving to the UK.

Luckily, for me, it was not very difficult to handle the roommate dynamics as well. Brought up in New Delhi, I have been moving to different parts of India because of my education, internships, and job since 2015. This experience in my country helped me understand and adapt to the new culture, embrace the new climate, and work and collaborate with new people in the UK far more easily.

Campus Life | Abhinav Sinha | Global Indian

Abhinav with a friend at campus

Are you working part-time?

My main focus is on managing the academic demands as the constantly evolving sustainability domain requires lots of research. I have been giving full attention to my coursework, since it’s just a year-long course and demanding in terms of the high-paced curriculum.  

How do you manage your finances?

There are numerous part-time job opportunities both on campus and in the city centre that can help ease the financial burden. One can explore these options by walking into stores to inquire about part-time openings or by visiting the university website to search for on-campus job listings. I am funding my education through a student loan and prefer to focus on my academics as it’s just a one- year course.

Have you indulged in any extracurricular activity?

I participated in a community challenge where my teammates and I collaborated to design and develop accessibility and sensory walk guides for people with disabilities. It was a valuable experience that allowed us to see things from a different perspective and make a small but meaningful contribution to our community.

Campus Life | Abhinav Sinha | Global Indian

Abhinav Sinha

Does the university provide any support to students in terms of mentorship and networking opportunities?

Throughout the year, the university hosts numerous mentorship and networking events for all students. We can reach out to our student experience officers as well for support regarding our careers or any other aspect of our lives. Fortunately, my course is designed in a way where a lot of external speakers are invited to give their valuable insights on various topics which is also helpful in forming professional connections.

What do you love about the place?

Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for and named after its Roman-built baths. The city is absolutely stunning and beautiful and is a big tourist destination. Roaming around the city and witnessing the aesthetic architecture gives a very good experience and an essence of Roman history. Many events and programmes organised by the university both for academic purposes and cultural assimilation helps in understanding the city and the country’s heritage, and gives me a chance to meet new people. I would be cherishing these experiences for a lifetime.

Tips for international students at the University of Bath

  • People are quite helpful here. You need to just ask for help.
  • Speak to friends whenever you feel low.
  • Enjoy your time here! This will definitely be one of the most enriching experiences of your life.

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