We’re creating a unique content platform that will redefine purposeful journalism and inspire more Indians to become Global Indians and more Global Indians to give back. The aim stories of capital, network building, brand equity, ideas and giving back.

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GI brand of journalism
Defined by 4Cs: content, cause, community and commerce.

Editorial voice and tone
A Global Indian writer is that smart colleague whispering in your ear with news, views and journeys that help you connect expertise to global opportunities, ambition to achievement and means to merit. We understand that there are several content outlets vying for our audience’s attention so we will stay conversational and engaging.
• Get to the gist quickly
• Elucidate what readers can take away from news, views and journeys
• Our audience should feel they’re missing out if they’re not checking in
• The tone is in-the-know, conversational, casual but never flippant, skeptical but not snarky
• Help readers become a global Indian or a better version of themselves