At 14, Arshdeep is already an award-winning wildlife photographer.

These young activists are conservationists with a plan.




Alina Alam gives the differently-abled employable havens with Mitti Cafes.

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity

In a nutshell, that is the world today.

In this new chronicle on GLOBAL INDIAN, GI Youth, we discover how Indians are creating cutting edge innovations and disrupting industries with their prowess. Feel the pulse here.

Nikita Menon gives Singapore a Bharatanatyam reverie

We at Global Indian Youth are excited about your journey.


At 14, Arshdeep is already an award-winning wildlife photographer.

These young activists are conservationists with a plan.




Alina Alam gives differently-abled employable havens with Mitti Cafes.

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity

In a nutshell, that is the world today.

In this new chronicle on GLOBAL INDIAN, GI Youth, we discover how Indians are creating cutting edge innovations and disrupting industries with their prowess. Feel the pulse here.

Nikita Menon gives Singapore a Bharatanatyam reverie

We at Global Indian Youth are excited about your journey.



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Ideas, initiatives and projects that are making a difference

Prajakta is India’s 1st UNDP climate champ
Prajakta Koli

Content creator and actress Prajakta Koli is India’s first UN Development Programme Youth Climate Champion. She was conferred the title for her contribution towards mental health, women’s rights and girl child education.

An entrepreneur in the making
Divyesh Yeluri, entrepreneur

At 16, he has won the Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021 for coming up with the idea of a nature-friendly, anti-bacterial bath towel called Towelights. Manufactured in Himachal Pradedsh, he wants to expand the units in Telugu states.

Protecting infants from Co2 levels in closed cars
Dakshyani Pandey, innovator

Dakshyani Pandey won the India@75 National Youth Ideathon 2021 for developing a cost-effective automotive prototype that could save infants who suffocate in cars. It detects Co2 levels inside a car, and automatically allows fresh air to flow into the car.

Helping clean water bodies
Varun Saikia, innovator

Fifteen-year-old Varun Saikia won an outstanding achievement award from the IRIS National Fair 2021 for inventing Flipper, a floating device that cleans garbage from the surface of oceans, streams and rivers.

1st Indian-origin politician in Australia
Lisa Singh, Australian politician

The first India origin politician elected to the Australian parliament in 2011, she was a senator from the state of Tasmania. She is currently the director of the Australia India Institute at the University of Melbourne.

Making cryptocurrency safe
Harshita Arora, app developer

Winner of the Bal Shakti Puraskar 2020, Harshita's Crypto Price Tracker portfolio app aims to protect users from scammers. The app analyses and keeps records of price movements for more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies from 18 exchanges in 32 fiat currencies.


Ideas, initiatives and projects that are making a difference

Creating a change
Simran Vedvyas, activist

In 2017, Dubai-based Simran received the NRI of the Year Award for leading over 75 successful youth engagement campaigns through her youth group Synergy. She is currently pursuing a career in public health.

Making dreams come true at MIT
Gopal Goel, STEM student

Gopal Goel, 17, of Oregon won $100,000 at Rengeneron Science Talent Search for studying the mathematical properties of random matrices. He is currently an undergraduate student at MIT.

From TV star to public health advocate
Dhruv Gaur, pre doctoral fellow

In 2018, Dhruv Gaur won the Jeopardy College Championship on TV, claiming the $100,000 prize. He was also on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He is now studying economics and public health at Brown University, and is a pre doctoral fellow at Opportunity Insights.

Making biodiversity thrive
Aadya Joshi, environmentalist

She won the Children's Peace Prize 2020 for developing a database with a biopower index showing which plants best support biodiversity in different plant zones. The founder of The Right Green is now studying at Stanford University.

Working for water conservation
Shreya Ramachandran, young environmentalist

Indian-American teen environmentalist Shreya Ramachandran won the Gloria Barron Prize in 2018 for her NGO - The Grey Water Project that promotes the use of safe grey water and water conservation. She is now a freshman at Stanford University.

From AI tool developer to MIT
Nitya Parthasarthy, STEM student

In 2018, Nitya Parthasarthy developed an AI tool to detect gender-biased language in social media. Her algorithm detected words that served as a training model to detect potential gender-based stereotypes. She is doing computer science at MIT.


Ideas, initiatives and projects that are making a difference

Metal King Anil Agarwal donates 75 percent income to education

Metal King Anil Agarwal, the owner of Vedanta Group is donating 75 percent of his earnings to educational pursuits. The donation would amount to Rs 21,000 crore. The Patna born industrialist who resides in London, created the Vedanta Foundation in 1992.

Priya Patel: London-based scientist give wings to the space dreams of Indian students

The 25-year-old London-based scientist set up Sharda Foundation, an NGO to give wings to the space dreams of Indian students of modest means. The NGO will offer financial support to students keen on pursuing space-related studies. Read More

Reading Time: 5
Gobhanu Sasankar Korisepati: The teen providing financial support to women

16-year-old student in Muscat, Gobhanu Sasankar Korisepati, has developed a unique microfinance concept for women. The concept titled Sustaining Women in Financial Turmoil (SWIFT) has so far benefited over 1,000 women in 77 countries. The NRI teen raised 1

Reading Time: 10
Unique school for BPL girls in the Thar desert

In the middle of the Thar desert stands a fascinating school meant to educate girls from BPL backgrounds in Rajasthan. The Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls' School has been designed such that it doesn't need any air conditioning despite the scorching desert lands Read More

Ishan Kapur: Distributes devices for online education during pandemic

15-year-old British Indian lad Ishan Kapur bagged the prestigious Diana Award for his humanitarian work in assisting Delhi kids to attend online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The teen organised a campaign to raise £5,000 (₹5 lakh) to distribute 100 Read More

Sheikh Asif: Upskilling Kashmiri youth

Sheikh Asif, the 27-year-old founder of UK-based web designing company Thames Infotech, has taught digital marketing to over 800 students across the globe. He has also been working to help upskill Kashmiri youth and make them job-ready. He is a nominee for Read More


Helping shoppers connect with local businesses
Deepak Ravindran, founder, LookUp

The founder of LookUp, Deepak's Bengaluru-based startup, which has Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and Infosys's Kris Gopalkrishnan as investors, provides a free and secure messaging app that connects shoppers with local businesses.

Designing apps and websites
Abhik Saha, Founder, Arnabhik Corp

The 16-year-old loves programming and has been enjoying working upon technologies since he was 11. With eight phone apps to his name, he has built Origgon, a social search engine. Abhik won the 2018 GYTI Award from the President of India.

World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur
Akhilendra Sahu, Founder, ASTNT Technologies

Known as the World's Youngest Serial Entrepreneur, he started his own business when he was 17. In three years, he became the CEO and founder of ASTNT Technologies, a tech company. He is also the co-founder of Scoop Beats Pvt Ltd, a media company.

Naman developed 22 apps
Naman Tiwari, a developer

Naman from Shahjahanpur (UP) is credited with building 22 applications covering entertainment, education, malaria detection, and security for women. He started coding at 11 and learnt different languages, mobile app development on his own.

Helping entrepreneurs spread their wings
Rohit Kashyap, founder, Maytree School of Entrepreurnship

He was just 14 when he founded Maytree School of Entrepreneurship to support young and passionate entrepreneurs in their journey. Apart from being a Karamveer Chakra awardee, he has a keen interest in finance and entrepreneurship.

Designing websites at lightning speed
Sreelakshmi Suresh, founder of eDesign

Sreelakshmi Suresh designed her first website when she was six. At 11, she started her company eDesign in 2009. Hailed as one of the youngest CEOs, she also owns another company, TinyLogo wherein she designs websites voraciously, at a rate few can emulate.

Global Indian | YOUTH | CULTURE

Bringing Indian hip-hop to the world
Suresh Mukund, dancer

The founder of Mumbai's hip-hop dance group Kings United, Suresh Mukund along with his troop won the World Choreography Awards 2020. Kings United had won NBC's reality show World of Dance Season 3, which also fetched them an Emmy nomination in 2019.

Singing in multiple languages
Sucheta Satish, singer

The Dubai-based Indian girl Sucheta has won the 100 Global Child Prodigy Award for singing in most languages during one concert. The girl, who can sing in 120 languages, launched her second album Ya Habibi in 2020.

Onir’s film script on gay officer rejected
Onir, national award-winning director

Defence ministry has rejected director Onir’s film script on the true story of a gay major who was stigmatised due to his alternative sexuality, and eventually quit the Indian Army.

Falguni Shah eyes a Grammy
Falguni Shah, artist and singer

Indian-American singer Falguni Shah has been nominated for the second time at the Grammys for the best children’s album. Shah’s music attempts to understand racial equity, and explains the same to children from diverse cultures.

Mixing Carnatic music with pop songs
Janaki Eshwar, singer

The 12-year-old made heads turn with her stunning performance on The Voice Australia in 2021. She became the youngest singer ever to audition on the singing competition. Her cover of Billie Eilish's Lovely got her a standing ovation from the judges.

Rana is a character to watch
Pravesh Rana, Indian actor

Foundation sees Pravesh Rana essaying the role of Rowan. He is best known for his appearance in Bigg Boss and Emotional Atyachar. He was also seen in a small role in the Netflix series Serpent, based on Charles Sobhraj.


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Srikanth Bolla: The blind CEO’s £48m company which nearly didn’t happen- BBC

(The article first appeared in the BBC on January 24, 2022) Every day, for two years, six-year-old Srikanth Bolla walked several kilometres to school in rural India, guided by his brother and following his classmates.The route was a muddy track, lined with shrubs, which flooded during monsoons. It wasn't a happy time...

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  • It was a day of interesting headlines on The Economic Times online; Sunday had stories on Tamil Nadu and Telangana extending school closures until the end of January. There was a detailed report citing Jaime Saavedra, global education director at the World Bank, who had stated upfront that closing educational institutions should be a last resort. He was not merely voicing an opinion, but citing evidence. There was no evidence that reopening schools had led to a surge in cases and that schools were not safe places. Equally, school closures had not come in the way of new and repeat waves of infections...

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A staggering crisis of education confronts the country: Mint

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Anomalies that need to be fixed in India’s startup regulations: Business Insider

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  • Investors like Tiger Global, Accel and SoftBank turned a startup into a billion dollar enterprise at an average of one every eight days in 2021. Industry insiders argue that the new year could see a lot more money than the $42 billion raised by Indian startups last year, if the government would fix some of the anomalies in taxation, processes and regulations...

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The Future of Universities: Can India Overcome The Digital Divide? Outlook

(The article was first published in the Outlook on January 15, 2022)

  • As 2022 gets off to a limping start, the impending crisis in higher education so different in India and in the West, that they practically complement each other. So much so that they could almost solve each other’s problems...

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Statistically speaking

22 new fields of study

The United States department of homeland security has added 22 new subjects to the STEM optional practice training programme for international students.

43.9% Indian STEM students

The percentage of Indian STEM students on temporary job visa in the US in 2020-21. It's the highest compared to 41 percent who were pursuing master's courses.

68% Indian students

HP India’s Future of Learning Study 2022 states that parents (89 percent), teachers (85 percent) and students (68 percent) prefer to continue the use of online learning methods in classrooms even after the pandemic ends.

430 flyers saved

Approach radar controller Lokendra Singh at the Kempagowda Airport (Bengaluru) saved the lives of 430 passengers by his alert calls which averted a mid-air collision of two Indigo flights.

$68.7 billion

Microsoft is making gamers across the world happy, as it announced that it would buy Call of Duty maker Activision Blizzard to give it an edge over Sony’s PlayStation and boost its metaverse.

45% national wealth

The OXFAM inequality report finds that India’s wealthiest 10 percent account for 45 percent of its national wealth. The share of the bottom 50 percent is just 6 percent. India’s 10 richest could actually fund education of every child for 25 years.


Fun facts about India and Global Indians

Even as PV Sindhu won the singles title at the Syed Modi International Badminton Tournament, mixed doubles pair Sania Mirza and Rajeev Ram have reached the quarterfinals at the Australian Open 2022.

A Pune Inc startup has started serving the ancient alcoholic beverage Mead, and is now looking to raise $5 million funding. Moonshine Meadery by Mumbai-based artist Anand Radhakrishnan is disrupting the market for alcohol by making mead.

A Tamil Nadu Harry Potter-crazy couple is set to tie the knot in February 2022 with a Hogwarts-themed wedding reception in metaverse. It will be attended by virtual guests from across the world.

Grammy winner Ricky Kej will collaborate with virtuoso musician Bickram Ghosh to create an epic musical for India’s 75th Independence Day which will be showcased on the Republic Day Parade on January, 26, 2022. Watch out for the 500 dancers.

Nepali Boy from Siliguri, Govinda Sharma is ranked numero uno in India when it comes to 3×3 basketball. He is among the top 2,000 players in world, and has been the head coach of the NBA Basketball School. He owns multiple sports academics.

January 16 is the birth anniversary of Dr Subhash Mukhopadhyay who created the world’s second and India’s first baby using IVF. Alas, he was not allowed to share his findings and was driven to suicide. Ek Doctor ki Maut, the film captures his story.


Warren Buffett, investor and philanthropist

Of the billionaires I have known, money just brings out the basic traits in them. If they were jerks before they had money, they are simply jerks with a billion dollars.

Michelle Obama Former first lady of the US

I'm asking you to believe in yourselves. I'm asking you to stop settling for the world as it is, and to help us make the world as it should be.

Malala, Pakistani activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner

I truly believe the only way we can create global peace is through not only educating our minds, but our hearts and our souls.

Sir David Attenborough, historian, author and conservationist

It's surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.

Amitav Ghosh, author and novelist

To use the past to justify the present is bad enough—but it's just as bad to use the present to justify the past.


Pampa Dey, engineer

A Quebec City civil engineer, who grew up in rural India, is the educational chair in literacy on sustainable design of aluminium structures at Laval University, where is also an assistant professor and researcher.

Kiara Nirghin, Google Science Fair winner

Indian-origin South African teen Kiara Nirghin won a $50,000 scholarship at the annual Google Science Fair for her work using orange peel to develop a cheaper super absorbent material to help soil retain water.

A low cost ac thanks to Kalyani

The young innovator had built a solar powered AC costing just Rs 1,800 with an icebox made of thermocol where air is released from a 12 volt DC fan. It results in a temperature drop of four to five degrees if used for an hour!

Kavya’s robot saved bees

Kavya, six students and two teachers built the Bee Saver Bot which can relocate a beehive without harming bees. Her team Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is India’s youngest to qualify for the First Lego League-European Open championship in Denmark.

Nileena Mariam Jones: Student conservationist

Nileena Mariam Jonesh won the Diana Award at nine for her eco-conservation and humanitarian work. The Sharjah student visited her hometown Cochin and saw it littered. This led her to recycle newspapers, clean beaches, deserts and mangrove planting as well.

Shobhna Kapoor: On a winning streak

Shobhna Kapoor, assistant professor at IIT-Bombay, was awarded the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) Women Excellence Award 2021 for excelling in science and engineering. She has received a grant of Rs 15 lakh to pursue her research ideas.


Fun facts about India and Global Indians

Zoe Bliss Kothari has been lauded as a youth leader? Kothari started a project for disabled communities after a road accident left her with physical, neurological and psychological trauma. ZIAI, her AI bot is a resource to help the differently-abled.

Why did Rifath Sharook receive a cash reward from the TN government? The 18-year-old TN boy designed the world's smallest satellite weighing 64 gm which was launched into space by NASA in 2017.

Is the 5G issue a threat to airlines? Air India announced the cancellation of its direct flights to and from the US due to the risk these airwaves pose to aircraft instruments, impacting jets, which will need to undergo retrofitting to avoid serious issues

Elon Musk is in demand? Several states are vying for Musk's attention to set up a Tesla plant in their state - Telangana, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Gursimran Singh’s device helped the visually impaired? The 16-year-old class 12 student from Gurugram created EyeScribe which helps the visually impaired experience the joy of reading. Seeing his relative struggle made him think up this device.

Why did Shourya Kadam receive the Diana Award? The 15-year-old Hyderabadi, through his project The Causation to Cognizance, has promoted climate awareness and donated funds to a climate change NGO. He has also founded OCEAN Environmentals.