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Record number of Indian students receive Erasmus Mundus scholarships

Out of the 2,756 awardees globally, as many as 153 Indian students have received the prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarships in 2021. This is the second consecutive year that India ranks first among 167 countries. The Erasmus Mundus program is aimed at enhancing quality in higher education through scholarships and academic co-operation between the EU and the rest of the world. The program provides EU-funded scholarships for Third Country students and EU/EEA students who’ve applied to and have been accepted by the Euroculture Master Course. This year, 756 Indian students had applied for the scholarship and 153 (74 females and 79 males) have been selected. The Indian students selected for the Erasmus Mundus 2021-2023 batch will have the opportunity to study and conduct research in at least two universities located in different European countries and obtain a joint, double or multiple degree in a wide variety of topics such as big data management, life sciences, food innovation, environmental sciences, urban climate and culture. The fully funded scholarship will cover tuition fees, travel costs and living allowance of the recipient.

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