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The art of the hustle: Mohammed Faisal

Written by: Ranjani Rajendra

Name: Mohammed Faisal | Designation: Event Manager | Company: DMG Events | Place: Dubai

(May 25, 2023) When he first started out in the world of event management, Mohammed Faisal had little inkling of what the job entailed. He just knew that he had a passion for sales. Today, 12 years since he first started out, Faisal, a sales consultant at dmg Events in Dubai, is completely in love with his job and cannot think of doing anything else.

Born in the city of Nizams, Mohammed Faisal was raised in the hustle-and-bustle of Dubai. However, after he did his schooling, he decided to return to his hometown for his graduation in B.Com from Osmania University. “Those were great times. After my graduation I decided to move back to Dubai,” he says. Here he took up his first job with Channels Exhibitions as a sales executive. Soon though he moved to dmg Events where he now works as an event manager handling B2B sales.

Mohammed Faisal | Global Indian

Mohammed Faisal

“To be completely frank, this opportunity came by chance. As a fresh graduate, I was always interested in sales and was looking for sales-related roles when an opportunity to work in the events space arose. At the time I had no idea what B2B events were and now 12 years later it’s something I can never move away from,” he says, adding, “At DMG, I work on an amusement and attractions event in Saudi Arabia. As an event manager, my role is to oversee all the sales activities apart from liaising with marketing and content to ensure the smooth running of the event cycle.”

At this job, he also has the opportunity to work with a rather diverse team with people from at least 20 different nationalities working together. “The company genuinely cares about employee well-being and recognizes and celebrates different perspectives.”

For Faisal, his family has been a strong pillar of support and he believes it is they who helped him tide over initial failures. “My family has been a huge support and played a very important role in helping me reach where I am today. We all fail at various points in life, however being positive during the hard times is important. Have faith, be kind and good things will happen,” says the Indian-origin professional, who ensures he stays abreast with industry trends and news in order to stay relevant in his field.

On any typical day, Faisal begins by getting his 4-year-old son ready for school before heading to work. “Once I’m back I ensure I spend some time with my 4-year-old and 2-year-old twin boys before they head to bed,” he says, adding, “Work-life balance can be very different to every individual. In a world where the work day never ends, we should know when to switch off. For me, spending time with my family helps me unwind and create a healthy balance. Personally, I also like to spend time praying to stay grounded and connected to my roots.”

Mohammed Faisal | Global Indian

Mohammed Faisal with his kids.

As a family, Faisal also enjoys traveling and exploring new places. “My wife and I also enjoy long drives and it’s something we enjoy doing on a regular basis. Of course, my boys don’t particularly enjoy long flights, so trips back home are limited to once a year,” he says.

Apart from work, Faisal also loves football and watching matches over the weekends is another favorite pastime.


  • Be positive, no matter the failures.

  • Family support is important to help you succeed.

  • Stay abreast of industry trends and news.
  • Strike a balance between work and personal life in order to thrive.

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