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Into the unknown with his penchant for taking risks: Riaj Mohammed

Written by: Ranjani Rajendra

Name: Riaj Mohammed | Designation: Exhibition & Sponsorship Sales | Company: dmg Events | Place: Dubai

(May 18, 2023) Life for Riaj Mohammed seemed pretty set as he worked a steady job with a company he’d been with for seven long years in Hyderabad. Yet, he wanted more. He wanted to experience life outside India, outside Hyderabad, where he’d lived all his life. When the opportunity presented itself, Riaj grabbed it with both hands and moved lock, stock, and barrel to Australia. Ten successful years and a new citizenship later the need to explore more and better bit him again. This time, he moved to Dubai. Now a sales executive at an event management company in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, he says he’s enjoying the ride, roller coaster and all.

Born and raised in Hyderabad, Riaj did his Bachelors’ in computer application from Osmania University before kick starting his career as a sales specialist with ConCenTex in 2004. He then moved on to [24]7 as assistant manager training and held the job for seven years before the opportunity to move to Australia arose. “I always wanted to experience life outside India and was very keen to work in a developed economy. When I got the opportunity to move to Australia I grabbed it,” says Riaj, who joined Origin Energy as a sales consultant in 2012.

Riaj Mohammed | Global Indian

Riaj Mohammed

He worked in Adelaide for 10 years and even got his Australian citizenship. “That’s when a friend suggested I try working in Dubai. The idea caught on and I decided to embark on a new journey. Here I am, 10 months later, experiencing a new life,” he says.

However, Riaj admits that the decision to give up a steady job and home in his adopted country was not one taken lightly. “It was certainly daunting to leave everything I’d worked so hard for behind only to start from scratch. But I think we are basically immigrants who rest for a while and then move to our next stop. Life is too short, so experience it while you can.”

While having an Australian citizenship certainly helped him when he arrived in Dubai, landing a job in this emirate is no mean feat, says this father of two. “Job hunting in Dubai is very difficult, you need to have local experience to find a spot in the market. I’d recommend doing your research and keeping up the efforts. Don’t be overwhelmed; failure is the stepping stone to success.”


Riaj at Global Village Dubai

Today as he works his role in exhibition and sponsorship sales for dmg’s energy events segment, Riaj says his role entails landing energy companies to sign up for their exhibitions and services. “The beauty of being in sales in the events space is that each day brings with it new challenges. No two days are ever the same,” says the Indian origin professional who was drawn to sales due to his love for meeting new people. In his spare time, he also shares his know-how with young aspirants and tries to tell them about the ways by which they can realise their potential. “A little bit of charity goes a long way. I believe in Karma; whatever I do for someone else will always come around in some form or the other.”

He’s also mindful of unwinding and spending quality time with his family with some Netflix, family dinners and trips to India as often as he can. “I must admit that despite my need to go some place new, I miss India more than anything in the world. I can never forget my roots and I keep reminding my kids the same,” he says, adding, “I often think back upon my childhood in an India where things were simple and uncomplicated.”


  1. Embrace Opportunities: Seize the chance to explore new experiences and environments when they arise.
  2. Embrace Change and Take Risks: Be open to leaving your comfort zone and taking calculated risks for personal and professional growth.
  3. Research and Adapt: Prioritize thorough research and understanding of the job market before making a move to increase your chances of success.
  4. Be a lifelong learner: Embrace the ever-changing nature of work, seek new challenges, and foster a mindset of continuous learning.
  5. Cherish Roots and Maintain Connections: Stay connected to your cultural heritage and maintain strong ties with your home country, even when living abroad.

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