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Integrating work and personal for the best balance: Yugandar Movva

Written by: Ranjani Rajendra

Name: Yugandar Movva | Company: Gen | Country: California, USA

(May 13, 2023) Today, Yugandar Movva might be the senior director, head of data consumption at Gen in California. But the Hyderabad born software professional is very aware of all the support that went into helping him succeed. Right from the unwavering support from his parents, to the steadfast confidence from his wife to his own drive to take on challenges, he credits his success to a cocktail of factors.

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Yugandar did his graduation in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from VNR VJIET college before he moved to the US at the age of 21 to do his Master’s in Information Systems from Texas A&M International University. He eventually embarked on his professional journey with Freddie Mac as a business analyst before working with companies such as Fannie Mae and eBay before joining Gen as head of data consumption. “I accepted my current position because it aligns with the areas that truly drive me – Data Intelligence, Disruptive Innovation, Continuous Learning, and Driving Impact. The role presents a unique set of challenges that I find both exciting and fulfilling. Above all, it’s an exceptional opportunity to make a significant impact at Gen, and I am eager to take it on,” he says.

What he also enjoys is the diversity that his workplace affords him. “Leading a diverse and globally distributed team comprised of data stewards, analysts, product managers, BI engineers, and Data Engineers is one of the highlights of my role. Our team members and partners come from various operating styles, cultures, and geographies. Embracing and leveraging this diversity, along with a strong focus on customer centricity and collaboration enables us to develop innovative solutions that have great impact on both our internal and external customers,” he explains.

While a typical work day for Yugandar begins early in the morning with meetings starting around 7 am, he does try to wrap up by 6 pm and shifts his focus to family time with picking up his kids from after-school activities and family dinners in the spotlight. “Overall, my typical workday is a balance of focused strategic work, engaging meetings with colleagues from around the world, and quality family time to close the day,” he says, adding, “For me, achieving a balance between work and life is less about compartmentalisation and more about integration. This means finding a way to weave both aspects together in a way that works best for me, my family and my work. I am fortunate to have a very supportive partner in my wife, who skillfully manages a lot of our home and family activities, all while thriving in her own fulfilling career. She is my core pillar of strength, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her unwavering support. We built a partnership that allows us both to pursue our passions and ambitions.”

Yugandar Movva with his wife.

When he’s not at work, this Indian origin software professional enjoys spending time with family and friends exploring new places. “As a family, we enjoy dining out on an ongoing basis, making it a fun routine. Additionally, trying out some of the best scotches with friends is something I find enjoyable. I also enjoy spending time with my 9-year-old son on cricket, who is currently participating in competitive cricket leagues here in California.”

Maintaining a continuous learning mindset and envisioning goals have been critical to his growth over the years. Incidentally, Yugandar has done several certificate courses from reputed universities such as Carnegie Mellon, Harvard Business School, and Wharton over the years to further hone his portfolio and skills. “Pursuing world-class education has enabled me to acquire valuable skills and knowledge of best-in-class practices that allow me to make a more significant impact in my work,” he says.

Taking this a step further, Yugandar does his bit by sharing his knowledge with others. “I find great satisfaction in helping people realise their potential and achieve success, particularly those who may not have had the same opportunities and resources that I have had. For me, contributing to society is about more than just monetary donations. It’s also about sharing my knowledge, skills, and experience through mentoring relationships and volunteering my time and expertise to support important causes.” The driving force behind this, he says, has been his father, who always helped those around him without expecting anything in return, and was one of the most peaceful and positive people Yugandar has ever known.

Talking about what it takes to job hunt in a competitive market like the US, Yugandar says that networking and continuous learning are key. “Building a strong professional network and continuously developing new skills – including soft skills like communication and emotional intelligence – can help you find job opportunities and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving job market.”

Yugandar Movva with his parents.

Yugandar has fond memories of his life in India that involved languorous summer vacations in his village, watching sports his father, his mum’s delicious cooking and building some of his closest friendships. “A lot of my close friends from India moved to the US around the same time as me and stay close to me in the Bay Area. So it is great to be able to relive all our memories and build new ones in this new home of ours.”


  • Instead of compartmentalising work and personal lives try and integrate the two for the ideal work-life balance.

  • Maintain a continuous learning mindset in order to succeed in this competitive world.

  • Give back to society not just financially, but also by sharing your knowledge and mentoring those who do not have access to the facilities that you do.

  • Build a strong professional network. In today’s market, networking is key.

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