Shaloo Tyagi

Engineering a Meta dream: Shaloo Tyagi

Written by: Ranjani Rajendra

Name: Shaloo Tyagi | Designation: Controls Engineer | Company: Meta | Place: Ireland

(May 27, 2023) As she grew up in idyllic Pune, Shaloo Tyagi had a healthy curiosity about things that had a large impact on society and its evolution. That’s how she knew engineering would be a natural fit for her to explore this curiosity and hopefully contribute to society to make life better. Today, as she works as a controls engineer at Meta’s Ireland office, Shaloo believes it is her versatility that helped her.

As the middle child, Shaloo was always more competitive by nature and decided to put her personality trait to good use as she pursued her instrumentation and controls engineering from Cummins College of Engineering, Pune. It wasn’t all studies and no play though. “As a teen I loved hanging out with my friends in Pune’s Camp. We’d frequent cafes and loved trying new eateries,” says Shaloo, who as a controls engineer is responsible for “building management systems for Meta’s data centres”.

“With the connectivity and technology options these days enabling companies and resources to find each other easily, I would say job and resource hunting for aspirants and companies alike has become easier. The only thing I would recommend is to be curious and be open to exploring roles which don’t necessarily fit the mould,” she says as she weighs in on the job-hunting scenario in her part of the world.

Shaloo Tyagi

Shaloo Tyagi

Before she made her way to Ireland though, Shaloo had earlier worked in countries such as Costa Rica, US, Netherlands, Singapore, and India where she began her career with Emerson Global. “I moved to Ireland two years ago for my job. It is a beautiful country with the friendliest people. The Irish are extremely welcoming and will stop to chat with you in grocery stores or in the park. That is something I really enjoy about living in Ireland,” says Shaloo, who also makes it a point to learn the local culture and way of life as a way to adjust to her new environment.

A very methodical individual, She makes it a point to begin her day with yoga and a 5K run. “I use my commute to listen to podcasts or read. After work, I head home for a nice dinner followed by a walk and then a spot of television before I call it a night,” says this Indian-origin professional, who calls herself a “follow the plan” kind of person. “If I follow my typical day, that’s work-life balance for me. It might not always be possible to do so due to changing work loads; fortunately I have a very supportive organisation which enables us to take adequate time off to relax and unwind.”

Shaloo Tyagi

Shaloo Tyagi

During her time off, Shaloo loves to practise her Ukulele apart from keeping herself updated on ISA standards which are helpful for her in her current role. “I also try to do some online training courses relevant to my field,” says Shaloo, who believes it was the support from her family and friends that helped her get to where she is today. “I can’t ever forget how my family arranged everything for my wedding despite me not being there for any of the preparations. They, along with the presence of my friends, made the day truly memorable.”

Apart from her weekly calls with her parents, Shaloo makes it a point to visit India every year, especially during festivals. “Especially Diwali. I love the festive atmosphere back home,” she smiles, adding, “I’d love to be able to move back to India one day and stay close to my parents.”


  • Identify your areas of interest and work towards achieving those goals.
  • Stay organised, it helps ease your day.
  • Stay rooted no matter where in the world you might be.
  • Have a healthy curiosity towards the world and explore what comes your way.

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