Influencers have been leaving a great mark on the society, of late. Most of the people are aware of who “influencers” are. Social media has made them very popular. They are experts in a specific domain and endorse a viewpoint or review products. They guide the actions of their followers.


People like going by their opinion in making life choices and during their purchase decisions. They are good at generating interest of the public. Influencers have been assisting companies in marketing. In fact, influencer marketing is a common way of reaching out to consumers these days. Global Indian features some well-known influencers and their stories. Indian Entrepreneurs have been leveraging their popularity of late. [ please use this as second last sentence ]

FAQs about Indian Influencers

  • Who is an influencer?
  • What does an influencer do?
  • Who is the most famous influencer?
  • Who are top influencers in India?
  • Who are considered influencers?