British Indian Chef

Indian cuisine has become very famous in the UK, thanks to the British-Indian chefs who have popularised authentic Indian cuisine there. Britain as it is, has a strong connection with Indian food, having ruled the country for many years. It is said that when the Britishers had to leave the country after India’s independence, they continued to enjoy the food by taking some of the Indian chefs back to the UK with them. Over the years many Indians have migrated to the United Kingdom. The chefs set up shops there serving popular Indian curries alongside other traditional Indian dishes delighting the taste buds.


Some of the British-Indian chefs who have revolutionized the desi Indian cuisine in the UK are Vivek Singh, Vineet Bhatia, Cyrus Todiwala, Atul Kocchar, Sanjay Dwivedi, Dipna Anand, and Asma Khan. Thousands of miles away from India these Indians in the UK who are great connoisseurs of cuisine have turned the Britishers into fans of India and its food just as their forefathers were. One name that particularly needs mention here is that of Madhur Jaffrey, the lady who made Indian food famous in the west back in 70s and paved path for future British-Indian chefs.

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