Indian Weaves

Why I wear Indian weaves and you should too: Sadhguru

(Sadhguru is an Indian yoga guru and author. The column first appeared in India Today on November 12, 2021)


  • Textiles are among the top three polluters on the planet. There are various aspects to it, but the one that concerns us most right now is micro-plastics from polyfibre. Nearly 95 per cent of the fibre being produced in the world has become polyfibre. If a lowly plastic bag is floating on the streets, you know you have to pick it up. But polyfibre has spread at such a micro-level that it has gotten into everything. It is in the soil, the water, and the food that you eat. Some studies in the United States show that 90 per cent of people have some amount of plastic in their blood. There are poignant pictures of whales with a belly full of plastic, of a turtle trapped in a plastic bag. But we are all turtles stuck in polyfibre. Studies show various health hazards, including cancers, linked to polyfibre and synthetic clothing, and it is definitely impacting our children’s wellbeing. Some studies are showing that synthetic clothing is associated with autism in children. It disables you a diminishing of human intelligence happens…

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