PM Narendra Modi

What Narendra Modi’s 20 uninterrupted years in office mean: Prakash Javadekar

(Prakash Javadekar is an Indian politician. The article first appeared in the print edition of The Indian Express on September 17, 2021)


  • Today, September 17, is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 71st birthday. In a few days from today, he will be creating a record. On October 6, he will complete 20 years of continuous captainship of an elected government. He was chief minister of Gujarat for 13 years and has been the PM of the world’s largest democracy, India, for seven years. This feat of being the head of a government, as chief minister and prime minister, for 20 uninterrupted years has not happened by a stroke of luck but is a reflection of the public’s faith in a visionary leader who thinks differently and acts differently…

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