New Dharavi To Produce Millionaires, Not

New Dharavi To Produce Millionaires, Not “Slumdogs”: Gautam Adani

This Article First Appeared In The NDTV On July 20, 2023.

On his bucket list, former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson listed two places in India that he wished to visit: one was the Taj Mahal and the other was Dharavi.

My first tryst with Dharavi was in the late 1970s. New to Mumbai, I was just another anonymous youngster lured to the big city by opportunity and my own optimism that I would make a beginning in the diamond trade. Even back then, Dharavi was a melting pot of a diverse array of beliefs, cultures and languages from every part of India. I was mesmerised by the industrious chaos that I saw in Dharavi’s alleys where just about every Indian language seemed to echo with equal urgency. But there was order in that chaos, seemingly provided by the soul of Dharavi. I could never define it but felt it very strongly.

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