Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett was an Englishman and an Indian: Devyani Onial

(Devyani Onial is a journalist with Indian Express. The column was first published in the print edition of Indian Express on October 9, 2021)


  • In villages around Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, stories about Jim Corbett abound. Of how Corbett Sahib would celebrate local festivals, how he would turn up in local attire, or how he would join in the singing of the popular Kumaoni folk song Bedu pako baro masa. They still speak of the letters he would write to villagers after he left for Kenya, inquiring after their health, asking if their cow had given birth or if their roof still leaked. For them, Corbett is no outsider; perhaps, in many ways, he is less foreign than the tourist who comes from the “plains”…

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