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Is The Digital Era Resurrecting The Essence Of Bharat Or Blending It Into Global Culture? – Outlook

This article got published In Outlook on September 30 2022

“According to the 2021 UNESCO world report of languages, more than half of the approximately 7000 languages spoken in the world, could disappear by the end of the century. Loss of each ancient language, we are losing local culture and substantial literature, history, folklore, dialects, scripts, and wisdom too, which the generations have inherited”.

Speaking at Osmania university in Hyderabad, during the conferment of the honoris causa on him, former Chief justice of India, NV Ramana expressed his concerns recently: ” as this global culture engulfs the world, there is an urgent need to protect our rich culture, heritage and tradition and sustaining diversity too. The global culture is becoming powerful and has become a threat to our culture and identities. Social media, television and pop culture glamorise a particular way of life and unfortunately we are blindly aping the same.”

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