Inside Naïna de Bois Juzan and Vincent Sadoulet’s whimsical Indian wedding in France – Vogue

This article first appeared in Vogue India on October 7, 2022

This celebration in Blévy married the colours of India with the joie de vivre of France

There are love stories that are as much about places, as they are about people. In the case of newlyweds Naïna de Bois Juzan and Vincent Sadoulet, the quaint French village of Blévy was a pivotal protagonist. After all, it was where the bride grew up, where the couple first met, where they got betrothed and ultimately married.

Bois-Juzan, born to a Punjabi mother and French fashion designer father, was previously behind India’s first French fine dining restaurant, Le Bistro du Parc in New Delhi. She is now a key account director for international event group GL Events in Paris while also serving as the director of events at the iconic Parisian department store La Samaritaine.

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