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India’s Quad membership is desirable but risky: Vivek Katju

(Vivek Katju is a retired Indian Foreign Service officer. The column first appeared in the print edition of Telegraph on October 5, 2021)


  • The aggressive rise of China is compelling the United States of America to augment its security and diplomatic arrangements in the Indo-Pacific region. In addition to its own presence through the Hawaii-headquartered Indo-Pacific Command, the US has relied, since the 1950s, on its bilateral treaties, principally with South Korea, Japan and Australia, for the region’s defence and security. These pacts have enabled the location of US forces in these countries and, in turn, cover them with an American nuclear umbrella. While these bilateral relationships continue, the US, along with the United Kingdom and Australia, put in place on September 15, according to the joint statement of its leaders, “an enhanced trilateral security partnership called “AUKUS” — Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States”.

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