Climate Crisis

Can India confront the climate crisis and course-correct?: Sandip Chowdhary

(Sandip Chowdhary is the Project Officer-Climate Justice at Oxfam India. The column first appeared in the print edition of The Indian Express on August 27, 2021)


  • India does not need more reminders to recognise the dangers posed by climate change. As one of the most vulnerable countries in the world, it is already living this changed reality year after year. But it is good to acknowledge the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report which gives a clarion call for immediate and large-scale greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in order to keep our country and the planet liveable in the future.The report said that climate change is rapidly intensifying and already affecting every region on the earth in multiple ways. Natural calamities will only become more frequent and more intense if we fail to limit warming to 1.5o C – a crucial threshold that will be crossed in less than 20 years from now. No wonder the UN General Secretary called the report a “Code Red” for humanity…

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