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How to unleash the entrepreneurial power of 1.3 billion Indians: Manish Sabharwal, TV Mohandas Pai

(Manish Sabharwal is the Vice Chairman of Teamlease Services and TV Mohandas Pai is the Chairman of Aarin Capital. The column first appeared in the print edition of The Indian Express on September 3, 2021)


  • In 1893, a 12-day sea journey from Japan to Canada sparked multiple conversations between two remarkable Indians travelling independently to attend the World Parliament of Religions and a Technology Expo. Swami Vivekananda convinced Jamsetji Tata that technology can be imported but scientific temper cannot be bought and must be built within a country. A direct outcome of this chance encounter was Jamsetji setting up the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. An indirect outcome was a technology-encouraging culture at the Tatas that pioneered India’s software industry in the 1960s: India now exports more software than Saudi Arabia does oil. Covid and recent Chinese events have increased India’s attractiveness to global investors. We make the case for unshackling 1.3 billion Indians with a surgical strike on the regulatory cholesterol that sabotages our productivity…

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