How should India’s AI model look like?

This Article First Appeared In The Hindusthan Times On Sept 04, 2023

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), led by ChatGPT, is creating waves all over the world. Its astonishing capabilities to generate conversations, art and videos led ChatGPT to race to 100 million subscribers in two months. The Large Language Models (LLMs) and transformers that power GenAI are ground-breaking technologies that promises to be as disruptive as the internet or the smartphone. Google CEO Sundar Pichai likens AI to fire, Satya Nadella of Microsoft heralds it as a platform shift, and Goldman Sachs believes GenAI will add $7 trillion in extra annual global Gross Domestic Product over the next decade. However, this excitement is accompanied by some unease around the loss of jobs and human agency, and the looming threat of an AI superintelligence. There are also worries about bias, environmental damage, plagiarism, and a threat to democracy itself.

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