From the autobiography: Savita Ambedkar recalls her first meeting with future husband BR Ambedkar

This article first appeared in Scroll on October 20, 2022

Also, the tellers of these stories do it with such confidence and with such spicing up that one would believe it all happened before their eyes. I know that extreme curiosity exists in the minds of everyone regarding my first meeting with Dr Ambedkar. Therefore, without stretching their patience any further, I throw light here on our first meeting.

A Mysorean gentleman by the name of Dr Rao lived in the Parle suburb of Mumbai. This scholar was an economist and he had gone abroad for his higher education. The Rao family was highly educated and extremely cultured. Their family and ours enjoyed considerable intimacy, as a result of which we often visited each other. Dr Rao’s daughters were also very suave, highly educated girls; consequently, I became great friends with them and would naturally visit their house quite often.

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