How much you can bring out of UAE

Declaring gold: What you need to know about how much you can bring in and out of the UAE – National News

(Georgia Tolley and Nick Webster are Dubai-based journalists with The National News. The article first appeared on The National News on July 26, 2021)

  • If the value of the gold is more than Dh100,000, then customs officers in UAE airports will expect to see a certificate of origin or purchase receipt when you enter the country. This measure of authentication was brought in by the UAE authorities to combat money laundering and suspicious financial activities. Also, the Federal Tax Authority charges 5 per cent import duty on gold jewellery, although if the jewellery is imported for re-export then no customs duty needs to be paid. This occurs in the UAE because the country is a hub for the rest of the Middle East, and some jewellery is imported and re-exported to countries around the region. …

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