Bollywood films are a hit in the UK

Aan to Lagaan: How Bollywood has made inroads in UK – Khaleej Times

(Prasun Sonwalkar is a journalist based in London. The article first appeared in KhaleejTimes on July 15, 2021)


  • The 3 million-strong south Asian diaspora in Britain invariably refers to Indian films as Bollywood which, for many among the second-and third-generation immigrants, is the only connection with their cultural homeland (as Deepak Kaushal, 24, from Coventry, says: “India is too complex, Bollywood is simpler”). Across the country, the word and its derivative ‘Bollywoodisation’ today reflect and influence a wide range of cultural symbols and activity in the public and private spheres: films, clothes, music, dance, stage performances by actors and singers from India, popular magazines, events (‘Bollywood nite’), wedding styles and fashion …

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