Aryan Khan

Aryan Khan isn’t a show to enjoy. NDPS is a weapon vengeful state could use on you or your kids: Shekhar Gupta

(Shekhar Gupta is a journalist and Editor-in-Chief at The Print. The column was first published in The Print on October 23, 2021)


  • The maniacal global ‘War on Drugs’ might have calmed down with more rational analysis in most democracies, but it rages on under the many dictatorships, from Iran to China, or elected autocracies, such as Singapore and Malaysia. India is the ‘odd man in’. The ugly and tragic commotion over the case against Aryan Khan and others with him underlines that. As did the earlier malevolence involving poor Rhea Chakraborty and others. I am not pronouncing anyone innocent or guilty. I wouldn’t dare in almost any case that is sub judice, least of all in one that falls under a law so draconian and dated that even the judge at this stage is left no option but to make a presumption of guilt…

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