2022 was the year we learned to move on

2022 was the year we learned to move on

This Article First Appeared In The Print On Dec 28, 2022

You thought 88,966 fans rooting for their teams and gods—Messi and Mbappe—on 18 December 2022 was a celebration of the world’s most popular sporting extravaganza. It was more than that. The nerve-jangling epic final in Qatar that the world is unlikely to forget for decades was an indicator of normalcy, and also a reminder of the fragile human memory which has this fantastic ability to forget and move on. What have we moved on from?

It’s the pandemic, stupid.

2022 was the year we came out and got our world back as we knew it, well almost. It’s as if an alien trial had decided three years ago to put us through this agony, making us realise the importance of the mundane. Because the mundane is boring, we take it for granted.

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