Indian microblogging app Koo expands to Nigeria after Twitter ban

Written by: Our Bureau

(Our Bureau, June 6) Twitter’s India rival Koo has ventured into Nigeria where it intends to start microblogging in local languages. The Tiger Global-backed Indian company announced this a day after the Nigerian government blocked their country’s Twitter access for deleting a controversial tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari. “Nigeria is similar to India in terms of language diversity. It has hundreds of regional languages. Koo has a global outlook and will enable microblogging in countries that need it the most,” Koo CEO Aprameya Radhikrishnan said. Koo saw a significant rise in Indian users over the last year as several ministers publicly endorsed it as a Twitter alternative. New Delhi has been clashing with the American company over India’s new IT rules and content-take-down requests.


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