Meet Anjali Sud, the Indian-origin CEO who transformed Vimeo from a bleeding Netflix rival to a $6 billion video tools business.

Anjali Sud: The CEO mom who transformed Vimeo

Written by: Our Bureau

(Our Bureau, May 29) Meet Anjali Sud, the Indian American CEO who transformed Vimeo from a bleeding Netflix, YouTube rival to a $6 billion video tools business and a publically traded company. The 37-year-old Harvard graduate was shaped by rejection early on as multiple institutions deemed her unfit for her dream job — investment banking. But she persisted, spent four years cutting deals and went on to sell diapers for Amazon before ending up at Vimeo as head of global marketing, and eventually CEO. Anjali pivoted Vimeo to help small content creators and businesses make videos, a strategy that bought in 200 million users and made the company profitable. On May 25, Vimeo got listed on NASDAQ and the mother-of-one described it as “a 16-year labour of love”. Her advice to young leaders: Practice vulnerability and a healthy dose of impatience.


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