Lulu’s Yusuff Ali saves Indian from UAE death row with ‘blood money’

Written by: Our Bureau

(Our Bureau, June 4) A 45-year-old Indian has been spared the death penalty in Abu Dhabi thanks to the intervention of NRI business tycoon and Global Indian MA Yusuff Ali. The Lulu Group chief helped pay ‘blood money’ amounting to 500,000 dirhams (nearly ₹1 crore) for Becks Krishnan, who was accused nine years ago of killing a young Sudanese boy in a road accident caused by reckless driving. “It’s a re-birth for me, as I had lost all hope of seeing the outside world, let alone a free life. My only wish now is to see Yusuff Ali once before flying to my family,” Kerala-bred Krishnan was quoted as saying in a statement. He was behind bars since 2012 and hopes of a release had faded as the Sudanese boy’s family had relocated to their country. In January this year, the victim’s kin finally agreed to pardon Krishnan and Yusuf Ali stepped in to pay compensation. Krishnan is expected to leave for Kerala in the next few days. In 2019, Yusuff Aali had paid one million dirhams (Rs 1.9 crore) to secure the release of Kerala politician Thushar Vellappally from UAE’s Ajman jail.

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