Indian pharmacist takes MasterChef Australia by storm

Written by: Our Bureau

(Our Bureau, May 19) Judges on this year’s MasterChef Australia are raving about Pakoras, Kadhai Paneer and Chhole, thanks to Australian Indian contestant Depinder Chibber. The 29-year-old pharmacist, who moved from New Delhi to Australia at the age of 11, has elevated Indian ‘ghar ka khana’ to a global stage. Chibber’s a master of cuisines from all over India and that probably explains why she has not failed a single food challenge on the show so far. In the most recent episode, she impressed viewers with her traditional Indian meal tiffin along with her grandma’s pickle recipe, compelling one of the judges Melissa Leong to ask: “Can we come to your house please?” Depinder is one of the remaining 17 contestants fighting for the MasterChef Australia 2021 trophy.


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