Sunil Wadhwani: Revolutionising healthcare for underserved communities in India


(October 01, 2023) As Sunil Wadhwani graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University, he mapped out his career in IT services and also wanted to delve into software, life sciences, and healthcare. Soon enough, he started iGate Corporation, an IT services company that expanded to employ more than 34,000 individuals. But always wanting to serve some of the poorest areas in India, Sunil started the WISH Foundation, aiming to enhance the primary healthcare delivery system for underserved communities in India.

Sunil Wadhwani, founder of the WISH Foundation.

“WISH Foundation is dedicated to delivering high-quality and affordable primary healthcare services to underserved communities in India. Our mission revolves around expanding innovative solutions to establish a fair healthcare system, ensuring that quality primary healthcare is within reach and accessible for those in need,” said Sunil.

The WISH Foundation focuses on strengthening healthcare systems by establishing digital health and wellness centers, enhancing the skills of healthcare professionals, and offering necessary technical assistance during critical situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, they also aim to research and develop innovative healthcare solutions aimed to curb down major diseases in India.

“Developing nations face significant challenges in maternal and child healthcare, along with the trouble of non-communicable diseases, particularly among marginalized communities. We have played a key role in the transformation of the healthcare landscape in numerous rural areas across India,” said the Global Indian.

WISH has devised a unique innovation-driven approach to revolutionise the primary healthcare system, by operating more than 650 health centers in remote regions across five northern states through this model and additionally offering strategic advisory services to help state governments expand and implement this model effectively. Through the right innovation and technology, their aim is to establish a healthcare delivery system that meets high-quality standards and operates efficiently all across India.

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