Sumir Chadha: Driving change and transforming India



(September 30, 2023) When Sumir Chadha started WestBridge Capital, he wanted to concentrate on investments in top-tier public and private Indian enterprises, with a long-term orientation. As time passed in Silicon Valley, Sumir wanted to give back to his homeland, and soon enough, not only did he start expanding his investments in India but he also started working on his philanthropic efforts for the betterment of the country.

Serving on the board of the American India Foundation, Sumir’s WestBridge Capital formed a four-year collaboration aimed at improving access to quality education and better governance of public schools in India. The generous grant of $1 million from WestBridge Capital will enable over 43,500 children from migrating communities in rural Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh, to acquire quality learning and knowledge, giving them opportunities for a better future.

Sumir Chadha | Global Indian

Sumir Chadha, Founder of WestBridge Capital.

“The grant will empower AIF’s ‘Learning and Migration Program’ (LAMP) to make substantial and measurable progress by implementing learning enhancement initiatives in learning resource centers. This will address the learning gaps among children and enhance their proficiency in STEM subjects,” said Sumir.

The project will collaborate with government-run rural childcare centers (anganwadis) to enhance foundational learning and support public school teachers. It will also provide training to community members to oversee government hostels and address school governance issues. This grant aligns with ‘UN Sustainable Development Goals’ and its corresponding target in India to reduce the number of out-of-school children. It will benefit over 43,500 children and 25,500 community members in four Indian states.

Sumir Chadha | Global Indian

“We take pride in supporting AIF’s LAMP program, which concentrates on educating and supporting the children of migrant labourers in India. Offering education to these children is crucial in breaking the cycle of poverty that has persisted across generations within these families,” said the Global Indian.

LAMP’s primary focus is on approximately 139 million people who MIGRATE from remote villages in rural regions, seeking employment opportunities. These migrations involve entire families uprooting themselves along with their children. LAMP’s core mission is to encourage universal education in areas affected by migration, emphasising on refining the quality of education and school administration. The program has seen huge success in keeping children enrolled in school and helping them progress in their learning outcomes.

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