Philanthropist Ramesh Bhutada Donates $1 Million to Hindu University of America


WRITTEN BY: Parinita Gupta

(April 19, 2023) Born in a middle-class family, Ramesh Bhutada had dreams to thrive and achieve a master’s degree from the USA when he came to Chicago in 1968. It took him years to set up a manufacturing business but with modesty, integrity, and work ethic, Ramesh founded Star Pipe Products, employing over 1,400 people in the United States, Canada, China, and India.

After his company sailed smoothly for about four decades, Ramesh redirected his attention to philanthropy. Recently, the Indian-American businessman and philanthropist made a donation of one million dollars towards the development Hindu University of America located in Houston. The University, together with Hindus of Greater Houston, organized a Friends of HUA Gala at the VPSS Haveli in Houston. During the event, Kiran and Ramesh Bhutada and their family were recognized and praised for their generous contribution.

“We are very grateful that one of Houston’s own community leaders, Ramesh Bhutada ji has pledged one million dollars towards the Hindu University of America, and has already given $500,000. The gala celebrated his gift,” said, Thara Narasimhan, President of HGH.

Bhutada strongly believes that community service is an essential aspect of his company’s core business philosophy. “His idea of philanthropy is social responsibility. He always took this as his responsibility, with a desire of sharing. He always holds himself to the same standard that he holds for others,” said Kirthi Jain, CFO of Star Pipe Products, who works closely with Bhutada.

Ramesh Bhutada | Global Indian

Ramesh Bhutada with HUA Board Members

Global Indian believes that he is a trailblazer in this field, bridging the gap between business and community service through his compassionate efforts. Bhutada’s numerous philanthropic contributions to community organizations are even more significant than his business accomplishments. He prefers to make these contributions quietly and without seeking attention.

Bhutada stated that his contribution to the HUA should not be considered a donation, but rather an investment in the future of our descendants. “If our children and grandchildren need to follow the Hindu heritage, they need to have the real scholarly knowledge of Hinduism, which is what will convince them of what is great in Hinduism, and otherwise our children and grandchildren are likely to be lost,” he mentioned.

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