Philanthropist Dr. Kiran C. Patel is empowering communities worldwide


Dr. Kiran C. Patel dreams of a future where healthcare and education know no boundaries, uplifting communities worldwide. For over twenty years, this cardiologist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, alongside his wife Pallavi, have generously contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to numerous causes globally. Their primary focus lies in advancing healthcare initiatives in the United States, India, and Zambia.

Over the past seven years, their philanthropic efforts have resulted in commitments exceeding half a billion dollars. With several ongoing projects, this figure is poised to surpass $1 billion in the near future.

On March 9, 2024, Dr. Kiran C. Patel launched his latest endeavour, the Orlando College of Osteopathic Medicine (OCOM). During the inauguration, he unveiled his family’s latest venture: the creation of Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel Global University. This innovative institution is dedicated to closing healthcare disparities by offering top-tier medical education across North America, Africa, and Asia.

Addressing the press following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Patel revealed insights into his vision for the Patel Global University, highlighting the significance of affordability and accessibility. The newly opened OCOM, along with its parent organization, Orlando Health Science University, will serve as the foundation of the Patel Global University. Additionally, plans are underway for the establishment of two universities in India and Zambia, offering degrees accredited by the US-based institution.

Having already established three medical schools in Florida, the philanthropist aims to tackle healthcare disparities and cater to diverse communities globally, particularly in Zambia and India, where healthcare challenges are pronounced. The physician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist affirmed that progress on universities in Zambia and India is in motion, with land acquisition already completed in both nations.

“The fact that there is Patel University in Zambia, Patel University in India, and Patel University in the United States, we will ensure that we can have degrees that can be recognized in each continent,” he said, adding, “I think the way I operate the local bureaucracy will not impact me because I’m working with the accrediting body in the United States. So, whether I am in India or Zambia, the degrees will be given by an American college or American university.”

Dr. Patel is enthusiastic about enabling seamless rotation among India, Zambia, and the United States. His strategy involves employing innovative methods such as telemedicine to overcome geographical barriers, enabling real-time transmission of lectures to students across different countries simultaneously.

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