Anil Monga

NRI Anil Monga is fighting hunger in India through his initiatives


Very few people still stay connected to their roots after tasting success. One such person is the US-based CEO of Victory International LLC, Anil K Monga, who is actively involved in the welfare of marginalised communities in India. Through his foundation – DB Charitable Trust, based in Punjab – the businessman has been fighting hunger and providing livelihood to people for close to three decades.

Anil founded the DB Charitable trust in 1996, and during the COVID pandemic, it served nearly 4.2 million meals to people who lack basic amenities. The Trust runs its hunger alleviation programme under the initiative called Brahmbhog. “We have been doing this for 26 years now. On an average, we have managed to mobilise and spend $3 to $4 million annually for the welfare of the less privileged,” the CEO has shared during an interview, adding, “The trust has been working on multiple fronts across India, and serves over 7,000 meals per day to poor and destitute mostly in slums.”

In 2021, Anil also arranged for five ambulances with drivers, doctors, nurses, and medications which helped about 800 to 1000 people daily, under his initiative Karma Healthcare. “We also have a livelihood programme called Margdarshan, through which we train the youth and help them find appropriate jobs. We are especially involved in educating young girls from rural India,” he informed ANI.

Anil is working towards collaborating with industrialists and other social welfare organisations to expand and replicate these welfare initiatives in various parts of the country.

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