TELEMEDICINE: Indian American doctor starts consultation venture with 400 medics


(Our Bureau, May 18) Indian American doctor Abhijeet Nakave has developed MDTok, an online platform where more than 400 medics from across the globe provide free consultation online to non-emergency cases in India.  Doctors from Canada, Singapore, Australia, Germany, UAE and UK have also joined this telemedicine initiative which aims to reduce walk-ins at India’s overburdened hospitals. Work on this project had started in June last year though the launch happened this month. “I am from Mumbai and my family members are also based there. It is very difficult to just sit and wait as your loved ones are in danger,” Abhijeet told YourStory recently. Since its launch, the doctors have provided consultation to over 10,000 patients. British Indian doctors are also virtually supporting their Indian counterparts by providing teleconsultation to hospitals in India.

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