The low-cost device provides oxygen support to two patients from a single ventilator while mitigating cross-contamination possibilities.

COVID-19: Indian American co-develops ventilator sharing tech for Indian hospitals


(Our Bureau, June 17) Dr Shriya Srinivasan, an Indian American postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has co-developed a low-cost device that provides oxygen support to two patients from a single ventilator. The splitter named iSave got approval from India’s Central Drug Standard Control Organisation and has already been deployed at some hospitals in Chennai, Bengaluru and Vishakapatnam for Covid-19 patients. iSave’s USP: It can personalize respiratory support with patient-specific oxygen volume and pressure while mitigating possibilities of cross-contamination. Also, ICU staff can monitor it outside the patient’s room and that reduces the exposure risk to doctors and nurses. Hailing from a family of Indian immigrants, Dr Srinivasan is a biomedical engineer, a non-profit entrepreneur and TedX speaker who studied at MIT and HMX – Harvard Medical School. In addition, she co-founded a Bharatnatyam-focused dance company that brings together Indian American artists from 8 cities and also conducts performances in India.

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