Vedanta Baruah

HEALTH: Abu Dhabi-based CEO donates two ALS Ambulances to Assam Medical College


(October 22, 2021) Abu Dhabi-based Assamese businessman Vedanta Baruah has donated two Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances to Assam Medical College. This will help in the transportation of seriously-ill patients in Upper Assam.

It was in September this year that Dr Bhaskar Gogoi, a social activist, approached Baruah, a golden visa holder who hails from Dibrugarh, for support in his endeavor to provide relief to patients. Baruah, whose father was a former principal at Assam Medical College, readily agreed to donate two ALS ambulances which cost around ₹63 lakh.

Talking about his contribution, Baruah said, “I am an Assamese by heart and connected to my roots. My father worked in Assam Medical College, so the connection with AMC goes back to who I am and my childhood. Growing up, I watched my wonderful parents dedicating their lives to supporting Assam and whilst I don’t live here now, it’s where my heart is, so giving back to society and championing my community just feels like the right thing. Though my father is no longer here, I feel a tremendous pride in celebrating his life and his years of service and duty by donating these ambulances in his name and doing something positive for AMC and Assam as a whole. Dr. Bhaskar Gogoi is a great friend of mine and a powerful force for good in Assam and India as a whole. His noble endeavor and this initiative is just an example of what we can achieve if we work together for society as a whole.”

Baruah hails from Dibrugarh in Assam and moved to the UAE in 2006. He is currently the CEO of Berns Brett Masaood Insurance LLC, which has offices in the UK, the EU, India and operates globally. He is the first Assamese to receive the UAE’s 10-year Golden Visa.

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