Gurpreet Singh: The Indo-Canadian transforming Punjab through the RoundGlass Foundation


(December 6, 2023) Gurpreet “Sunny” Singh regularly travels over 11,000 km from Seattle to Mohali, driven by his ambition for a better Punjab. His RoundGlass Foundation, active since 2018, focuses on areas including children’s education, sports training, women’s empowerment, sustainability, and adolescent health.

Singh’s commitment to education through the Learn Punjab initiative has led to the establishment of 139 learning labs, impacting thousands. On his philosophy, Singh says, “I want to make [wholistic (sic) wellbeing] happen in Punjab. It’s where I was born.” This personal connection drives the foundation’s mission, aiming to uplift the educational landscape of rural Punjab.

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Gurpreet ‘Sunny’ Singh

Sports Punjab, another cornerstone of Singh’s philanthropy, promotes not just physical fitness but also life skills like teamwork and leadership. His ambitious goal for this program reflects his optimism: “I am aiming for India to make it to the football world cup one day.” This statement not only underlines his confidence in the potential of Punjab’s youth but also his commitment to nurturing talent.

Her Punjab, focusing on women’s empowerment, has established 14 self-help groups, directly involving 116 women. These groups have kickstarted micro-enterprises, contributing to the economic independence of women in the community. Singh’s foundation also addresses critical health issues through Health Punjab, which has conducted nearly a thousand workshops on health and hygiene, benefiting over 21,000 girls. Singh notes the importance of this outreach, stating, “It’s no surprise that sports shines through RoundGlass’s philanthropic portfolio.”

Environmental conservation is also a key focus, with Singh’s ambitious goal to plant a billion trees. Though the current count stands at less than 2 million, the effort is ongoing and significant. Singh reflects on the scope of his work: “The idea is to create excellence in each of these areas and see where the chips fall. We are thinking in terms of decades, not years.”

  • Singh’s vision transcends the conventional bounds of philanthropy, aiming for a deep and lasting impact in Punjab. His journey from tech entrepreneur to dedicated philanthropist underlines a commitment to meaningful change, driven by personal conviction and a deep-rooted connection to his homeland.
  • Follow Gurpreet Singh on LinkedIn and check out the RoundGlass website.

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