EDUCATION: NRI adopts school for special children in Punjab


(November 5, 2021) US-based NRI Barjinder Singh Hussainpur has adopted the Red Cross Society school for the special children in Punjab’s Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar. Singh, who runs Naroa Punjab Mission NGO, will bear the entire cost of the school which is estimated to be ₹25 lakh per year.

“We have signed an agreement with the Red Cross Society to bear the expenses of the school’s operations for two years. We have cleared the pending salaries of the teachers, renovated the infrastructure and also got financed two buses for transportation of the special kids,” Singh said.

Singh, who moved to the US some 25 years, is keen to give back to the people of Punjab through his various initiatives. And one such initiative will now help the special children of a school in SBS Nagar so that he have access to better facilities.

He said that currently only 31 students were in the school as many had left due to the lack of transportation facilities and other issues. “We will try to get them back to touch the figure of 50 students. We will rope in specialist staff and doctors for the students and also run vocational and skill-development courses,” he added.

Singh hails from Hussainpur village, 7 km from Nawashahr in Punjab. It was in the 80s that he left for the US for greener pastures but is now actively involved in social activities in Punjab through Narao Punjab Mission NGO.

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