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Dr. Nalini Saligram: Striving to make a positive impact on global health



(May 31, 2023) Since the beginning of her career, Nalini was committed to fulfilling her vision of supporting and empowering everyone to live healthier lives. This vision turned into reality when she formed Arogya World, a global health non-profit organisation focused on preventing non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and chronic lung diseases.

Dr. Nalini Saligram is a passionate advocate for global health, driven by a profound desire to make a substantial impact on the overall well-being of individuals across the globe by promoting health education and facilitating lifestyle changes that lead to positive health outcomes. “When I found myself restless and underutilised in corporate America, I decided to quit my job at Merck and start Arogya World. It’s the best decision I have made in my life,” recalled Nalini.

Philanthropist | Dr. Nalini Saligram | Global Indian

Dr. Nalini Saligram

Arogya World’s programmes are based on science and technology, and carefully crafted to address the needs of populations. These programmes have evolved into comprehensive initiatives that can be implemented on a large scale, reaching an impressive milestone of impacting five million individuals. Arogya World initially embarked on its mission to combat non-communicable diseases by introducing a school-based programme focused on raising awareness about diabetes and educating on prevention. Additionally, they have also acknowledged and honoured companies for their exceptional efforts in promoting workplace health.

The Founder and CEO of Arogya World uses mobile technology to spread the idea across India. “With mDiabetes, our text message programme, we educated one million Indians on diabetes prevention. We showed significant behaviour change impact, and are now entering a new phase of expansion in South India with exceptional partners like Aravind Eye Hospitals,” informed the Global Indian.

Philanthropist | Dr. Nalini Saligram | Global Indian

Dr. Nalini Saligram with the Board Members of Arogya World.

Arogya World’s ‘mDiabetes’ programme represents an ambitious endeavour to utilise text messages as a means to educate millions of people in India about diabetes prevention through adopting healthy lifestyles. Another notable achievement is the ‘MyThali‘ initiative, which focuses on educating individuals about the significance of proper nutrition and appropriate portion sizes.

Their mission is reflected in their name ‘Arogya,’ meaning a life free from disease in Sanskrit. Through their impactful programmes and dedicated advocacy, they consistently strive to improve the well-being of individuals across the globe.

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