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Dr. Malini Saba: Empowering communities beyond boundaries


Collaborating with organizations such as CRY, the Clinton Foundation, Stanford Medical Center, the Women’s Refugee Commission, Concern Worldwide, the Latin America Association, LAC + USC Medical Center, and the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC), Dr. Malini Saba’s Anannke Foundation has been working towards her goal of helping one billion people.

She has been helping underserved women and children in South and Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, and the U.S. gain access to life-saving medical and educational services and achieve economic stability.

Demonstrating the highest level of compassion, Saba donates half of all profits raised by her business venture, the Saba Group, to initiatives in accessible education, health, art, culture, and livelihood generation. For her efforts, Dr. Malini Saba has received numerous recognitions, including the Ambassador of Peace Award from the Federation of Peace in London and the Mother Teresa Award.

Giving Back | Dr Malini Saba | Global Indian

Dr Malini Saba with former American President Bill Clinton and Queen Nor of Jordon


As the founder and former chairperson of the Saba Group, Dr. Malini Saba has catered to several markets across 20 countries, including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, real estate, fintech, entertainment, hospitality, and gold mining. The Saba Group has particularly made strides in the industrial commodities markets for rice, oil, and gas. It comprises 15 companies across 10 verticals

Having grown up the hard way, putting myself through school, working part-time and doing all sorts of odd jobs, I am aware of what it is like for the less fortunate. Thus, I work hard to make money so that I am able to give back. At the end of the day, I do not look for glory or praise, my main goal is to make a difference in the world and to ease the plight of people who have little hope.

Dr. Malini Saba said in an interview with Forbes

“Giving is receiving, and generosity is contagious”, believes the entrepreneur and philanthropist. In her formative years, her parents instilled the value of compassion towards those less fortunate. As a child, she made sure to always donate clothes, food, and books from her allowance and to spend time at shelters.

As an advocate for marginalised communities, she founded the Anannke Foundation in 2002 to meet her goal of helping one billion people through various philanthropic activities. The foundation has been providing access to nutrition, basic healthcare, education, art, and culture to those in need, as well as creating opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and eliminate illiteracy about human rights issues.

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