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Amit’s philanthropic journey: Driving change through the A.T.E. Chandra Foundation



(May 24, 2023) After earning an MBA from Boston College, philanthropy inspired Amit Chandra. His plans to make the world a better place were accomplished when he founded A.T.E Chandra Foundation, as the cornerstone of his philanthropic endeavours, successfully realizing his vision to improve the world. The Foundation collaborates with numerous prominent Indian and global organizations in the field of social welfare, including the Centre for Social Impact & Philanthropy (CSIP), The Bridgespan Group (TBG), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

“Early on in my life, I didn’t have much money, so I gave my time. Then, as a busy professional, I started donating money. I soon realised that I enjoyed knowing that my skills were useful to organisations I was interested in. So, I gradually started giving both time and money,” reminisced Amit.

Philanthropist | Amit Chandra | Global Indian

Amit Chandra, Co-founder, A.T.E Chandra Foundation.

The A.T.E Chandra Foundation has actively engaged in addressing various social challenges, including healthcare, agriculture, education, and sanitation, and has further broadened its scope to encompass pressing issues such as childcare, poverty, gender, and medication. A significant milestone achieved by the foundation was establishing a partnership with the Universe Simplified Foundation (USF), a non-profit organization dedicated to making STEM education universally accessible.

Beyond his monetary contributions, his involvement in the non-profit sector has established him as a respected advocate for philanthropy among entrepreneurs and professionals. He takes the lead in organizing fundraisers, events, and auctions to encourage others to participate. Moreover, he has played a crucial role in shaping innovative methods to streamline organized giving.

Philanthropist | Amit Chandra | Global Indian

Amit Chandra at SPJIMR Mumbai’s convocation ceremony, awarded Scholastic Medals to deserving students and delivered an inspiring convocation address.

Amit believes, “It is also important to enjoy the journey of giving in terms of the people you interact with at the organisation you support. Therefore, as you deepen your engagement with the sector, think hard about some of the people and organisational choices you make.”

Amit’s philanthropic journey has evolved gradually over time. He started with modest yet generous contributions, and as the years went by, his philanthropic endeavours became more organized and structured, partly influenced by his collaborations with other individuals in the social sector.

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