Rolling green hills, grassy knolls, paranomic views and a unique culture – that’s what makes Meghalaya’s Kongthong a picturesque village. And now this beautiful village has found itself in the race to win United Nations World Tourism Organisation ‘Best Tourism Village’ tag. That’s not all: Konthong has a unique tradition of referring to every resident with a tune, thus making it a whistling village.

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Also Read: Back in 1946, the Congress held one of its last major sessions at Meerut’s Victoria Park, months before India’s Independence. At the end of the session, Pt Jawaharlal Nehru entrusted Maj Gen GR Nagar (inset) with the khadi tricolor that was used at the meeting. Ever since, the Nagar family has been safeguarding the 9×14 foot flag which features the full charkha.

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