Adil Hussain

The National Award-winning actor Adil Hussain has some great performances to his credit. But it took this Global Indian years to establish himself as a successful actor in India and abroad. He started as a standup comic and them moved up the ladder in theater and later dipped his toes into films. The journey of honing his craft has made him a performer par excellence.

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Also Read: He was just 13 when he took the plunge into theatre as acting was something that came to him naturally. Starting from the stage in Assam to moving to Drama Studio London, Adil Hussain learnt a great deal as an actor, and in no time, came to be known as a powerhouse of talent in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. The National Award-winning actor has cast his spell on the global audience, thanks to his stellar performances.

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From Assam to Hollywood: How Adil Hussain won over the global audience